Why I'm Running

I have chosen to run for City Council because after almost two years of attending City Council meetings and researching City Council votes I am not comfortable with how business is being conducted. The City Council, in my opinion, does not represent the voice of the residents and has at times circumvented our rights to participate in the governing decisions of our City.

I have chosen to run for City Council because, after almost two years of attending City Council meetings and researching City Council votes, I am not comfortable with how business is being conducted.  The City Council, in my opinion, does not represent the voice of the Residents and has at times circumvented our rights to participate in the governing decisions of our City.  I want a City Council that will include the Residents, as required, in formulating the direction of our City, not excluding them as I see it. For too many years I, like several of my fellow Citizens, did not keep informed on City Council business.  I trusted business would be conducted with the best interest of the Citizens in mind. I want to give Residents a voice again in what happens in their City.  

A council representative should not be chosen based on how may likes they get on a Facebook post.  Rather, a council representative should be chosen based on his or her history of what he or she has accomplished for their community.  I have a history of such accomplishments.  Here are a few. 

For years, the electrical power supply to the Lake Charm corridor was far from reliable.  Power outages were frequent and lasted for hours at a time.  After years of frustration, I began a quest for the power companies to provide the same reliable power to the Lake Charm corridor residents as was enjoyed by the rest of our City residents.  In 2009, I began contacting, at that time, Florida Power Company.  I met a lot of resistance to any upgrade of reliability due to cost factors, except the standard remedy of trimming back trees from power lines.  In a few years, this power area was purchased by Duke Energy.    Finally, in November 2017, Duke Energy replaced all the underground supply cables in my neighborhood, which were 44 years old, and, in March of 2018, provided upgraded technology to our power lines.  Since March of 2018, we have had no significant power outages.   This change took 9 years of persistence, but the effort has provided a better quality of life to the residents along the Lake Charm corridor.  

In November of 2014, after living in my home for 25 years and waiting for Council to provide proper upgrades to my neighborhood drainage and street lights along Panther Street, I decided I had waited long enough.  Panther Street is approximately a .3 mile stretch of roadway off Lake Charm Drive.  It is bordered on the South side by a large drainage ditch that, over the years, has been dug out and deepened.  Panther Street also has 2 school bus stop locations.  This drainage ditch is full of water year-round in some sections and is near 10 feet deep in others.  The ditch in some areas is inches from the public sidewalk.  To walk down Panther Street at night you needed to walk in the road with a flash light.  This was not acceptable to me as Residents in other parts of our City could enjoy evening walks with lit streets along safe side walks.  Also, my neighborhood streets were cracking and sinking due to poor underground drainage.  In November of 2014, I started the process to get these items corrected.  I sent emails to City officials, met on site with City officials, communicated with officials at the SJRWMD and spoke at Council Meetings.  It was a slow process but in August of 2015, Panther Street had streetlights. In November of 2017, my neighborhood had an upgraded underground drainage system installed, which has vastly improved our drainage situation.  In March of 2018, our neighborhood streets were repaved, and in February of 2019 Council approved the piping of the Panther Street Ditch Project, and I have been told this will be completed this calendar year, which will complete the list of much needed improvements to our neighborhood area.  

During the process of having these improvements implemented, I have had the pleasure to work with many wonderful professionally minded representatives on our City staff.  I have also learned the inner workings of departments and the processes for making change.

The greatest compliment I received during this time of seeking the above improvements was from a City staff member, who I greatly respect, that stated “Mr. Cammack I am absolutely impressed with how you are able to get things done”.  

A City Council candidate should be an individual who has a record of challenging City Council on areas of concern.  I challenged Council regarding perceived ethical concerns in 2017 as well as on the Tax Lighting District in 2018.  

 As previously stated, I have attended the City Council meetings on a regular basis for almost 2 years.  I also have a acquired a good general knowledge of current and future happenings in our City.  This general knowledge of the workings of our City government is crucial for a new Councilman stepping into office.

My personality is that of sometimes being blunt and very straight forward. I do not accept or tolerate game play.  I am a good listener and have always been available to help my neighbors. I am not always perfect in expressing myself, but I have always tried to do my very best.  I am from a blue-collar steel working family from Youngstown Ohio, and I am very proud of that.

So, my question to you, the voters, is this: If I was able to get these large capital improvements done as a regular Citizen of Oviedo and simultaneously have committed to taking the time to gain familiarity with City business,  what might I be able to accomplish for the betterment of this great City of Oviedo and you, the residents, with the title of Councilman?

Thank you for taking the time to review my positions.

I hope I have earned your vote.

Respectful of Oviedo’s Past…Focused on Oviedo’s Future

Barry's Positions

Citizen Inclusion

I consider myself a passionate person, and I value my right to speak up for myself and what I believe in. But, I also value my neighbors’ ability to do so, even if those beliefs are different than my own.

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City Growth

As we all know, Oviedo has experienced an explosion of growth over the last 30 years. I have been here for this growth, and we have had our struggles with that quick expansion. It is my opinion that a lot of our frustrations are in our road systems being inadequate to move the traffic through our City.

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After attending many Council meetings and hearing fiscal discussions, I do not feel the need to raise taxes in Oviedo. I am frustrated with our current Council continuing to beat the drum that they did not increase the millage rate last year, because they did add fees.

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Fire & Police

I have been asked if I would try to place our Police and Fire departments under Seminole County control. The answer to that question is a resounding no!

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Term Limits & Campaign Finance

I am in favor of term limits for all positions on the City Council and Mayor. Having term limits ensures a fresh flow of ideas from a variety of backgrounds on how to approach the challenges of our city. I propose a 3-term limit with two years per term on holding public office.

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Senior Citizens

I have a very strong desire to continue the work of Councilman Britton in providing better services for our Senior population. I applaud him for his initiative. If I am elected, we can both champion this effort together.

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Charter Review Committee

I firmly believe in the adage “Government for the people by the people”. However, with our current City Council, we do not have any representation by the Residents of the City of Oviedo in the formulation of our governmental guidelines.

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