I am in favor of term limits for City Council, and Mayor.  Having term limits ensures a fresh flow of ideas from a variety of backgrounds on how to approach the challenges of our City. I propose a 3-term limit with two years per term on holding public office.  This would be a total of six years in public office inclusive of any previous years served before the implementation of term limits. To clarify, the maximum lifetime terms allowed to be served would be three.  This would include any position on the City Council and include any combination of offices held.  Example: A person could serve two terms as Mayor and one term as a Councilman or any combination of that mix if the total lifetime terms in office does not exceed three.  The 3-term limit will also eliminate the need for taxpayers to fund retirement benefits for members of Council who serve four, 2-year terms.  This was established on September 19,2016 without a vote by the Residents.  Please see the 49-minute mark on this video link below as well as the exhibit marked Resolution 3293-16. 

I also propose to add credibility to the campaign finance rules for our elected officials.  While I understand individuals and entities have the right to support a political candidate, there must be checks and balances put in place to protect the Citizens of Oviedo. When an official takes political contributions from individuals and businesses that either do business with the City on a regular basis,  intend on coming before the Council (such as a future developer that has submitted a developmental interest, or intend to bid a contract with the City Council , our Council members,  need to abstain from taking contributions from these entities, so as to ensure the Council’s  vote regarding these contracts are not perceived as a Quid-Pro-Quo for the contributions received. This action will go a long way to ensure the Residents that the vote to award the contract is in the best interest of the Citizens, as it should be.  Council must impose these rules upon themselves to help ensure their votes are free from scrutiny.

Respectful of Oviedo’s Past…Focused on Oviedo’s Future