I have been asked if I would try to place our Police and Fire departments under Seminole County control.  The answer to that question is a resounding NO!  For anyone who has lived in our City for any length of time knows that these men and women are part of our Oviedo family and are highly trained and respected professionals.  I have watched our first responder family attend to and comfort many of my neighbors who needed their help.  They provide medical care and comfort to us as well as allowing our families to feel safe in our community.  Every week one of our fine Police Officers pays a wellness check visit to an elderly neighbor of mine.  I personally know some of our first responders who grew up with my children, and these individuals have turned out to be outstanding adults.  As Councilman, I would do everything fiscally possible to ensure our first responders stay a big part of our Oviedo Family and continue to be employed by the City of Oviedo.

Respectful of Oviedo’s Past…Focused on Oviedo’s Future


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