Barry Cammack

Hello, my fellow Oviedo neighbors. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Barry Cammack, and I am a Candidate for Council Seat Group 1.


I have resided in the City of Oviedo since 1988. I am a family man, an avid sports enthusiast and a concerned public citizen. My wife, of 37 years, and I have raised our two children here.

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Meet Barry Cammack, candidate for Oviedo City Council

Barry's Positions

Citizen Inclusion

I consider myself a passionate person, and I value my right to speak up for myself and what I believe in. But, I also value my neighbors’ ability to do so, even if those beliefs are different than my own.

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City Growth

As we all know, Oviedo has experienced an explosion of growth over the last 30 years. I have been here for this growth, and we have had our struggles with that quick expansion. It is my opinion that a lot of our frustrations are in our road systems being inadequate to move the traffic through our City.

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After attending many Council meetings and hearing fiscal discussions, I do not feel the need to raise taxes in Oviedo. I am frustrated with our current Council continuing to beat the drum that they did not increase the millage rate last year, because they did add fees.

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Fire & Police

I have been asked if I would try to place our Police and Fire departments under Seminole County control. The answer to that question is a resounding no!

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Term Limits & Campaign Finance

I am in favor of term limits for all positions on the City Council and Mayor. Having term limits ensures a fresh flow of ideas from a variety of backgrounds on how to approach the challenges of our city. I propose a 3-term limit with two years per term on holding public office.

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Senior Citizens

I have a very strong desire to continue the work of Councilman Britton in providing better services for our Senior population. I applaud him for his initiative. If I am elected, we can both champion this effort together.

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Charter Review Committee

I firmly believe in the adage “Government for the people by the people”. However, with our current City Council, we do not have any representation by the Residents of the City of Oviedo in the formulation of our governmental guidelines.

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